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JAST - Volume - 1, Issue - 1 (2015) : :

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“Ah: runs. Runs.” Rabbit Angstrom, the American Runner 
  Author: Pradipta Sengupta, Pages: 1-9

Oscar Wilde as a Shakespeare Critic
Author:  Sukriti Ghosal, Pages: 10-16

Translation as Transcreation: A Study of Selected Poems of Jibanananda Das
Author: Joyanta Dangar, Pages: 17-23

Human Rights: A Theoretical Overview
Author: Chandan Kumar Dan, Pages: 24-31

The Ultimate Reality: PARAMA-ŚIVA,-A perspective of Pratyabhijñā Śaivism
Author: Asit Kumar Kundu, Pages: 32-36

Conversion of Intensity Encoded Binary to Frequency Encoded Data, and its Regeneration in Optical Domain
Author:  Sisir Kumar Garai, Page: 37-43

The Metallurgical Problems of Dokra Artisans of Bikna Village in Bankura: A Study
Author: Punarbasu Bose, Pages: 44-50

A Brief Review on the structure and Properties of Buckyball ([60] fullerene)
Author: Kakali Datta, Pages: 51-54

Use of Symmetry Plane Factorisation Method to Determine the Eigenspectra of Benzene Molecule
Author: Piyali Ghosh, Pages: 55-57

Author: Gautam Bhattacharya, Pages: 58-62

On Type II Fuzzy Parameterized Soft Sets
Author: Pinaki Majumdar, Pages: 63-78

Evaluation of Arsenic (III) Toxicity in the Contaminated Groundwater in the Eastern Region of Burdwan District, West Bengal: A Molecular Cytogenetic Approach
Author: Abhijit Bandyopadhyay, Pages: 79-83

Organic Agriculture and Community Development
Author: Sanjukta Maiti, Pages: 84-87

Air Quality Analysis by Suspended Particulate Matter in Urban and Rural Areas of Burdwan District
Author: N Roy*, P Chowdhury, S Dutta, R Garain, and T Das, Pages: 88-91