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M.U.C. Women's College Burdwan | Values

Re-accredited by NAAC (3rd Cycle): Grade-B+ (CGPA-2.64)

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MUC Women’s College feels that higher education should be liberal and dynamic in spirit giving students wider scope to taste and experiment with the novel and the unorthodox. Simultaneously it acknowledges that an educational institution should have its moorings in those principles and ideas which have sustained the Indian heritage for centuries and which account for its undiminished charm. The values that the college tries to inculcate in the minds of its learners are :
  Tolerance and peaceful coexistence
  Regard for the elderly
  Respect for Indian culture
  Courtesy towards women
  Adoring nature for what we owe to her
  Live and let live
  Life is charming despite its thorns
  Respect for honesty, integrity, and cleanliness
  Concern for the disadvantaged and the otherwise able.
Besides, the college has taken initiative also for fostering some core values—such as Global Competency, National Development, Technology Orientation—the importance of which have been emphasized by NAAC.