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M.U.C. Women's College Burdwan | Project Details

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There is provision for Post-graduate Research leading to Ph.D. degree in this institution. Ten research scholars have been prosecuting research studies in the Department of English, under the guidance of Dr Sukriti Ghosal (Principal), Dr Pradipta Sengupta, and of Dr Anupama Chowdhury. Besides, Dr Suranjana Bhadra of the same department (English) has recently been recognized as a Research Supervisor. Four research students have already been awarded Ph. D. degree by the University of Burdwan.

Two research scholars of Physics have been working under the guidance of Dr. Sisir Kumar Garai of our college and Dr. Mrinal Kanti Modal of National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, and the scholars has registered their names at NIT, Durgapur.

Most of other faculty members are also actively engaged in research through their publications in journals and books and many of them have already completed Minor Research Projects. The college also publishes JAST- Journal of Arts Science & Teaching: a multidisciplinary research journal with ISSN (No. 2395-4353) with the contributions mainly from the faculty of the college.

Average number of research projects per teacher funded by government and non-government agencies during the last five years

Name of Principal Investigator

Duration of project

Name of the research project Amount / Fund received Name of funding agency Year of sanction Department of recipient

Dr. Gautam Bhattachary

2 Years

1.Use of 2-Iodobezoic acid in chemoselective transformation and auto-oxidation of 9H,10H(Indolizino)[1,2-b]Indole. Rs. 4,20,000 UGC 2017 Chemistry

Dr.Shibdas Dhole

3 Years

Unsteady hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic flows and heat transfer in Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids Rs. 16,27,560 DST-EMR 2017 Mathematics

Dr. Anindita Roy

2 Years

Isolation and Identification of potent thermophilic bacterial strain from hot spring of West Bengal for enzymatic Production of l-Tryptophan Rs. 4,45,000 UGC 2017 Microbiology

Dr. Nayan Roy

2 Years

Phytochemical mediated trophic interactions between Vigna radiata (L.) and its insect pest Diacrisia casignetum kollar (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) Rs. 6,00,000 WB-DST (Approved) 2017 Zoology

Dr. Soumyajit Chowdhury

2 Years

Biological Diversity and Ecology of Macrolepidoptera (Butterfliesand Moths) in the urban landscape of Kolkata Rs. 2,55,000 UGC 2017 Zoology

Dr. M. Duttagupta

2 Years

History of Homeopathy in Colonial Bengal Rs. 1,80,000 UGC 2016 History

Dr. Irani Biswas

2 Years

 Studies on certain pharmacognostic & phytochemical aspects of some medicinal plants of Leguminosae with special reference to their fatty acids & epicuticular wax components. [Sanction No.   F.No. PSW-024/14-15 (ERO) dated 03.02.2015]. Rs. 3,46,000 UGC 2015 Botany

Dr. Hiranya Lahiri

2 Years

Effect of Oil Tax, Decrease in Savings and Role of Foreign Exchange Constraint in Indian Economy Rs. 1,50,000 UGC 2015 Economics

Dr. Swarnendu Mondal

2 Years

Studies on Ethnobotany and Conservation Priorities of some medicinal plants in the border areas of Birbhum district (West Bengal) and Dumka district(Jharkhand) with reference to their pharmacognostic and antimicrobial screening [F.PSW- 022/13- 14(ERO) dated March 18, 2014] Rs. 2,10,000 UGC 2014 Botany

Dr. Kakoli Halder

2 Years

Development of New Rhodamine Based Chemosensor for Environmentlly and Biologically important metal ion Rs. 4,60,000 UGC 2014 Chemistry

Dr. Nayan Roy

2 Years

1. Phytochemicals in Chorchorus capsularis (cv. Sonali; JRC-321) leaves and their role in the interactions with the defoliator, Diacrisia casignetum Kollar (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) Rs. 3,25,000 UGC 2014 Zoology

Dr. Anupama Chowdhury

18 Months


Minakshi Chatterjee

2 Years

Nutritional assessment in patients supported by enteral feeding following cerebral stroke Rs. 1,08,000 UGC 2013 Nutrition

Deboshree Koner

2 Years

Assessment of Health Related Fitness and Psycho-Social Well-being of Mid Age Women” Rs. 1,21,500 UGC 2013 Physical Education

Dr. Sisir Kumar Garai

2 Years

Multivalued all optical reversible logic processors

Rs. 1,17,000 UGC 2013 Physics

Dr. Sanjukta Maiti

2 Years

Studies on the cytological effect of the industrial pollutants of Burdwan industrial belt of West Bengal on Plant system [F.PSW-17/12-13(ERO) dated 05-02-2013.] Rs. 1,67,000 UGC 2013 Botany

Prof. Khokan Sarkar

2 Years

The Study of Food security in the District of Burdwan and Bankura: A Comparative Analysis Rs. 2,55,000 UGC 2013 Economics

Dr. Abhijit Bandyopadhyay

2 Years

Cytogenetic assay of Arsenic toxicity in contaminatedgroundwater from the eastern region of Burdwan district, West Bengal Rs. 79,500 UGC 2013 Zoology

Dr. Pinaki Majumder

2 Years

Neutrosophic sets & its application in Uncertainty modeling Rs. 1,93,500 UGC-ERO (MRP) 2013 Mathematics

Dr. Arpita Banerjee

2 Years

“Agricultural Growth and Cropping pattern in India: A Convergence Analysis” Rs. 1,25,000 UGC 2013 Economics

Dr. Nayan Roy

2 Years

Phytochemicals in Chorchoruscapsularis(cv. Sonali; JRC-321) leaves and their role in the interactions with the defoliator, DiacrisiacasignetumKollar (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae).UGC- MRP
No.F: PSW-025/13-14 dated: 18-Mar-2014.
Rs. 3,25,000 UGC 2014 Zoology