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M.U.C. Women's College Burdwan | Quality Assurance

Re-accredited by NAAC (3rd Cycle): Grade-B+ (CGPA-2.64)

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Quality Assurance :

Quality benchmarks identified for implementation by IQAC:

Student appraisal of Teachers’ performance
One article each year from each faculty
Regular publication (annual) of College journal (JAST)
Following time table of service
Promotion of knowledge sharing
Orientation of NTS
Department-wise student seminar
Emphasis on PPT mode of teaching
Book review by students
Use of virtual classrooms for digitizing delivered lectures
Modularization of the syllabi
Use of online assessment software customized by the college
Preserving student data through software customized by the college
Online admission system
Organizing college sponsored seminars/workshops at regular intervals
Registration for NIRF
Registration under Spoken Tutorial (IIT Bombay)

Remedial Class

The progress of the students is assessed throughout the year through class tests (normally four tests for Hons papers of 100 marks), and two other Tests are held. The tests are to be taken seriously, for marks obtained in class tests are recorded in the Merit Register and taken into account to determine the eligibility of a student for taking University Examination. The tests are instrumental in assessing the acquisitional skill of learners and thereby paying more attention to the slow learners. Apart from regular classes, special assistance is provided to such students through Remedial programmes, generally conducted with the assistance of UGC.

Student Feedback

The College has a system of evaluation of the performance of the teachers by students, the principal stakeholders in an educational institute. Every year on a date fixed for this purpose Honours students are asked to rate the performance their teachers. The students are encouraged to give their opinion candidly and impartially as the feedback is used for improvement. The college analyzes the rating on every point and informs the teacher(s) of the areas where they excel and where there is scope for improvement. The teacher evaluation system of the college has been cited as a model (p 38) in the State-wise Analysis of Accreditation Report: West Bengal, December 2004 (7) published by NAAC. Students of the College are expected to be seriously and attentively engaged in the learning process so that they might be in a position to evaluate the performance of their instructors.

The college has also introduced a system of collecting through Exit Questionnaire student-feedback on campus experience. The feedback on all the important segments of service, from library to office assistance or toilet hygiene, is analyzed by IQAC and reported to the GB for implementing the recommendations.


Visits to different locations, institutions, exhibitions and places of historical or ecological importance are organized every year for the students. Students of Biological Science and of Geography go on Excursion to study Nature and collect samples. This helps them gather practical experience of what is learnt inside the classroom. Excursions organized by the Geography department also enable learners to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience.